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AI Enabled Video Blurring

Jump straight into high-precision, GDPR-compliant motion masking with no learning curve. Mask all cars and humans in a video or just a selection. Sleek tool, no frills. Try it for free with our Intro plan. No credit card required.

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AI powered custom video masking for everyone

We don’t believe in spending hours on online tutorials every time you need a new tool. So we’re proud to bring you MotionMask – a simple, mighty video editor that does one thing and does it well.

Our super-flexible AI is based on Deep Vision technology. It anonymizes as precisely as a human so it’s easier than ever to fulfill your GDPR-compliance requirements: whether it’s a privacy, ethics, or security request, MotionMask delivers quick results.

If you’re a developer or you represent a business looking to integrate this tool into a product, the easy-to-use API is available.

AI Enabled Video Masking AI Enabled Video Masking


1Versatile, state-of-the-art AI

We do high-precision video masking using Deep Vision neural models. You get advanced natural video analysis that makes anonymization a breeze.

2Minimum processing time

We keep video processing times as low as possible through efficient job distribution in a blockchain network. It adapts processing power to your chosen settings and always brings high-quality masking on a fair budget.

3100% web-based

You make GDPR-compliant videos the easy way, with no need to install anything to your computer. Plus, the tool is super-intuitive.

4No commitment necessary to dive in

First time user? Great! Welcome. You can get started for free with a 60 second video, then upgrade and get unlimited video time.

We’ve got the perfect plan for you right here

  • 720p video output
  • Up to 5 minutes masked per month
  • Up to 200 MB cloud storage
  • Custom masking requests unavailable
  • Output: Full HD in 4K or 8K
  • Over 100 minutes processed and masked per month
  • Unlimited GB cloud storage
  • Custom masking requests available

We’ve got you covered with high-accuracy masking

You’re just a few steps away from masking any car or person in your video. MotionMask works great when you need to, for example, blur everyone except a single person from CCTV footage; it’s also perfect for times when there’s a special request and you need to move extra-fast.

Here’s what the process looks like:

Step 1

Video Upload

Step 2

Masking Mode

Step 3

Video Tweaks

Step 4

Download & Enjoy!

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01 Choose the video we’re working with

All videos will be stored in your personal gallery. You’ll be able to check the progress of multiple videos at the same time.

02 Choose between Full or Selective Masking

This is where you tell us if we’re looking for people, cars or both. Full Masking anonymizes everything you choose, while Selective will give you control over individual elements later. Plus, you can go for masking that focuses specifically on faces or license plates.

03 Do your thing while your video gets processed

Take a breather! We’ll let you know what the AI is doing and how much time is left. We can email you a confirmation when it’s done.

04 That’s it! Download your final video.

Your video is processed and all selected elements have been masked.

Download Video

Your video comes back from deep within our servers. Quick & easy privacy protection, ready to go.

Choose Your Plan


Take the mask tool for a test ride.


Max resolution: 1080p

Video length/upload: 1 min

Video storage: 5 days


Good for needing a few videos masked, once in a while.


Per Month

Billed Monthly

Limited Offer

Choose this plan now and get 10% extra discount

Max resolution: 1080p

Video length/upload: 20 min

Video storage: 20 days

Most Popular


Great for businesses and independent creators that mask videos regularly.


Per Month

Billed Monthly

Limited Offer

Choose this plan now and get 10% extra discount

Max resolution: 4K

Video length/upload: 60 min

Video storage: 30 days


Perfect for larger entities that need speed & volume.


Max resolution: 8K

Video length/upload: Unlimited

Video storage: 30 days