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AI-powered video anonymization 

Discover all the ways you can use MotionMask at your ease

By exposing sensitive information like license plates or face features, privacy intrusions can easily occur. Most images are collected through video surveillance footage, therefore, having the option of ensuring GDPR-compliant materials is not only a security request, but also an ethics principle. A software to blur faces in a video or, in general, the identification data of an individual, comes to hand when it comes to confidentiality. 

With our online software tool, MotionMask, we are now in total motion with a cutting-edge technology that protects the privacy of people. 


MotionMask is an online platform that blurs video elements like people or cars through integrating artificial intelligence algorithms, based on Deep Vision technology. This way, it provides the easy fulfillment of GDPR requirements while benefiting from the advantages of using a tool that does not need local installation.  

Our AI-powered video platform ensures high-quality precision blurring in a minimum processing time with different masking options:  

  • People or Cars Masking 
  • Full or Selective Masking 

The video blurring process requires some straightforward steps from uploading the video, choosing between the preferred options (people or cars masking; full or selective masking) to identifying the actors that should remain unblurred and downloading the processed video.  


People or Cars Masking 


MotionMask gives the user alternatives when it comes to blurring video sensitive materials, depending on the user specific requirements:  

  • Full body masking option; 
  • Full car masking;
  • Both of them. 

Thus, the AI algorithms will focus on detecting people, cars, or both, in an automated and flexible manner. Having advanced image processin
g, based on Deep Vision technology, the AI will deliver high-quality object-detection and accurate video blurring. 

The AI-enabled online video blurring platform also ensures the confidentiality of the exposed data by providing a complete deletion within 30 days after uploading a video. Also, the accounts created in MotionMask are given a unique ID throughout the entire process so that there is no data used or seen during the online blurring process.  



Full or Selective Masking 


The artificial intelligence behind MotionMask will mask all video elements or it can keep a selection of elements unblurred. In this manner, if an individual actor or company needs to use video footage with limited data identification elements, because of data protection policies, MotionMask offers the possibility to do that by choosing one of the two methods: 

  • Full masking method – AI identifies all elements (people and/or cars), it processes the video and prepares it for download; 
  • Selective masking method – the user chooses a number of elements that should stay unmasked throughout the video uploaded; 

The video blurring of selected elements empowers the user to use MotionMask as follows:  

  1. Identifying all video elements in the uploaded video (people and/or cars). 
  2. Deselecting the elements that do not require masking, depending on the specific needs.  
  3. After comparing the original video with the processed one, the user can review the result.  

Videos list 

For a thorough overview of all the videos uploaded, you can visit MotionMask Videos History page.

If you only need to test the platform, you can do that for free by uploading a 1-minute video with the Intro Subscription. For custom masking, you will need to upgrade to Craft Subscription (for up to 20 minutes videos), Power Subscription (up to 60 minutes videos) or request a personalized plan.

If you just need extra minutes and upgrading to a new plan does not justify the costs, you can pay specifically only for the extra time needed.  

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