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The MotionMask video blurring solution

How does the latest AI enabled product launched by Hyperfy work

Bucharest, 2023 January 9. Hyperfy, the Romanian developer of integrated software platforms for the physical security industry, has launched a new product to its portfolio – the MotionMask platform, a 100% web-based solution for selective and precise video processing that uses AI. Based on Deep Vision technology, the main feature of the AI enabled video blurring solution is to mask specific elements in video materials, respectively humans and cars, thus making GDPR-compliance requirements easy to fulfill for all interested parties, business users, or individuals.

MotionMask has been developed in the last year by Hyperfy to meet the needs of both private actors and creative individuals, in the context of a more and more digitalized world. MotionMask is a flexible and efficient tool that gives users the possibility to enjoy the benefits and advantages of surveillance technology, with no sacrifices of privacy, ensuring the path towards a secure future of technology. Users have the possibility to jump straight into high-precision, GDPR-compliant motion masking of cars and humans in video materials, according to their specific needs.

Besides data protection benefits, MotionMask can be easily used for video editing, when sensitive content needs to be masked, everything without having to use up an extreme amount of resources.

„MotionMask is an exclusively web-based solution that we`ve developed to adapt to the increasingly technological world in which we are all living. And one of the challenges that comes along with any new technology implemented is the one focusing on customers` privacy, a sphere where we felt the need to contribute with a new layer of innovation. At the center of the product development process, we had one main objective in mind – to ensure users will face the future with confidence while focusing on data privacy, by using a a cost-efficient AI-enabled video blurring solution. MotionMask platform is the result of continuous work done with passion and dedication for our clients` activity development, which we are proudly launching today on the market”, said Lucian Mățăoanu, Chief Executive Officer, Hyperfy.

MotionMask® offers AI algorithm-powered custom video masking for any interested entity, to fulfill GDPR-compliance requirements, be it privacy, ethics, or security requests. The platform can be successfully used by anyone, by creating a free account and following 5 simple, intuitive steps, with a minimum processing time.

The platform relies on advanced natural scene and video analytics based on state-of-the-art Deep Vision neural models. Aside from the Artificial Intelligence aspects, the tool brings to users a new approach to minimize the processing time using smart and efficient job distribution within a blockchain-based heterogeneous decentralized worker network. These two highly advanced technical approaches contribute to achieving the following objectives:

  • Assure the highest quality standard of multi-object detection for multiple types of video stream anonymization;
  • Allow various settings such as fast processing vs highly thorough analysis balancing user requirements in terms of quality, time, and budget;
  • Enable multiple settings distribution and thus of job processing speed – from a single worker to simple distribution up to even time-minimized highly distributed & decentralized processing; and
  • Protect the video owner against data leaks or even AI adversarial attacks within the content.

The MotionMask® platform is the first product launched by the company under the umbrella of the new Hyperfy® brand, under which 4 legal entities operate and communicate unitarily – Global Technical Services, Global Operation Center, GTS Global Intelligence and Knowledge Investment Group (the owner of the Lummetry.AI brand), whose purpose is to revolutionize the security industry through technological innovation.



Hyperfy goes beyond the boundaries of classic solutions based on human security, aiming to bring added value by optimizing physical security services with the help of technology. Since 2019, Hyperfy has been backed by Abris Capital Partners (“Abris”), the ESG transformation specialist private equity investor.

Hyperfy provides its customers with software platforms for physical security, IoT technologies and artificial intelligence solutions, offering client the possibility to access its own operations centers for 24/7 monitoring, interventions with security agents and technical installation and maintenance. The activity of the 4 entities operating under the Hyperfy umbrella consists of:

  • Global Technical Services – the activity concerns the installation and maintenance of safety and physical security systems, as well as the design of physical security and project management systems;
  • Global Operation Center – operation and dispatch center that covers monitoring needs for customers;
  • GTS Global Intelligence – incubator for advanced IoT solutions, offering a portfolio of innovative products on the Romanian market;
  • Knowledge Investment Group (Lummentry.AI) – in-house developer of unique AI solutions.



Abris Capital Partners is the leading ESG transformation specialist private equity fund manager, focused on mid-market opportunities in the major countries of Central Europe. Established in 2007, Abris seeks to identify and partner with the most successful and dynamic mid-market businesses in Central Europe, which can benefit from an input of capital and management expertise at both strategic and operational levels, while driving growth through ESG transformation.

With investment capital of almost €1.3 billion, Abris has obtained financial backing from many leading global investment institutions including corporate and public pension plans, financial institutions, funds of funds and US university endowment funds. Abris has a long-term investment horizon and usually targets transactions in which it is able to acquire a majority or sole ownership position. The typical financial commitment by Abris to any single transaction can range from €30 million to €75 million, with larger commitments available if required. The Abris advisory business operates using teams based in Warsaw and Bucharest.