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Blur people or cars automatically with Artificial Intelligence

The technology behind MotionMask

At the forefront of all disruptive technologies stays artificial intelligence which is, in fact, at the very basis of Industry 4.0. revolution. From retail industry to healthcare, construction to media, AI (artificial intelligence) brings its benefits on the table: it improves customer experience, reduces operational costs, increases efficiency and even eases GDPR-compliance. 

What is interesting is that, in fact, it can be argued that GDPR is incompatible with AI and big data, as it is based on principles such as data minimization. However, in some cases artificial intelligence can protect individuals if enabled properly. For example, MotionMask uses artificial intelligence to analyze and to blur video materials according to user requirements. Video anonymization of people and cars is practically enabled through a simple and user-friendly solution that solves a complex task, that of selective video processing.  

Deep Vision technology behind MotionMask

Our super-flexible AI is based on Deep Vision neural models which means it anonymizes as precisely as a human. It enables natural video analysis that makes online video blurring a breeze.  

  • Our video anonymization platform, MotionMask, is 100% web-based which means there is no need for local installation. Even more, the high-accuracy masking happens with a minimum processing time through an efficient job distribution in a blockchain network. Thus, it adapts processing power to the chosen settings for a high-quality result. 

    The user has the possibility to choose full masking
    mode for people and cars, meaning to have the AI
    blur all video elements identified in the uploaded video. With full masking, every detected element gets masked, the video gets processed and then ready to download.  
  • The user can choose selective masking mode for a more custom online video blurring. In this case, the user selects the elements that need to stay unblurred.

State-of-art-technology in a nutshell

As the platform relies on advanced video analytics based on Deep Vision, when it comes to blur video elements from the materials uploaded, MotionMask also ensures the achievement of objectives such as: 

  • Highest quality standard of multi-object detection for multiple types of video stream anonymization; 
  • Allowance of various settings such as fast processing or highly thorough analysis; 
  • Distribution of video file processing tasks between several independent systems, part of an ecosystem where the relationship between components ensures the significant reduction of execution times; 
  • Integrity and protection of data stored or in transit through blockchain technology. 

As artificial intelligence
emerges from various spaces in technology, MotionMask has made its way to empower people to benefit from the advantages of surveillance cameras without ever sacrificing
data protection video aspects.