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Why MotionMask is the right tool for you?

3 reasons to blur video elements with our AI-enabled online platform

The physical security market faces a convergent evolution, dependent on technology more than ever. And that is because, with the continuous data expansion, the silver lining lies in the ability to leverage technology to protect and ensure confidentiality, when that is needed.  

Thus, as we have captured an extended use of video surveillance with minor premises of anonymization despite its necessity, we developed a tool that facilitates the video blurring of sensitive content, in a simple, yet precise manner.  

Our online video blurring platform, MotionMask, blurs video elements such as people, cars, or both, in an automated and easy-to-use way. Here are 3 reasons why you should start video blurring with MotionMask: 

  1. 100% web-based solution with a minimum processing time 


MotionMask is an online tool that does not require local installation. Sensitive data is blurred following some intuitive steps, with a minimum processing time:

  • Video upload 
  • Choosing masking mode (Full or selective masking & Masking of people and/or cars) 
  • Making video tweaks (Identification of actors) 
  • Download video 

Using the online video blurring platform requires setting up an account. After that, the user can start choosing the preferred masking options and enjoy the results.  

The platform also provides easy integration for other applications that want to benefit from the native blurring functionalities. 


2. Uses state-of-art technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Developed locally with business experts, developers, and data scientists, MotionMask relies on advanced video analytics. MotionMask blurs video elements using a smart and efficient job distribution within a blockchain construct of heterogeneous decentralized worker network.  

The super-flexible artificial intelligence, based on Deep Vision neural models, ensures: 

  • High quality of multi-object detection; 
  • Significant reduction of execution times through an efficient job distribution; 
  • Various settings such as fast processing or highly thorough analysis; 
  • Automated anonymization through advanced natural video analysis.  

Artificial intelligence provides high-precision masking of people, cars, or both, so making a blurred video online does not only imply a straightforward process, but also an accurate one.  

3. Ensures GDPR compliance from privacy, ethics to security requests  

The large amount of data from video surveillance requires a strong data protection that goes beyond
blurring video elements.  

Thus, once an account is created in the online video blurring platform, the user gets a unique ID associated with the account which will be used throughout the entire process. But this is not all. MotionMask takes even more measures to ensure GDPR compliance to its users, such as: 

  • Pre-training of AI algorithms and using standard object detection model so that the anonymization process is 100% automated; 
  • Permanent deletion of all video materials (original & blurred) after 30 days; 
  • No data transfer outside EU, all video materials being stored on local infrastructure, in specialized data centers; 
  • Integrity and protection in terms of data stored / in transit thanks to blockchain technology.  

MotionMask is not only the result of both our constant efforts to meet our clients’ needs in terms of GDPR compliance, but also of a transformative vision that unleashes the power of technology in the physical security industry.

Making a blurred video online can be tested for free with the Intro subscription, for videos up to 1 minute length. MotionMask also offers subscriptions according to users’ needs, so they can upgrade to the higher option.  

Visit https://motionmask.ai/pricing for more information about subscriptions.